Last MiV messages

This API enables you fetch a user's last Month In View (MiV) report by simply providing their id cu_id.


Query Params

cu_idcustomer's user idrequired

Sample Request (GET)



Success Response (200 OK)

"success": true,
"data": {
"messages": [
"tag": "cash",
"metric": 18,
"message": "Cash and Carry!!! About 18 times, your activities involved cash this month.",
"logo": ""
"tag": "gadgets & electronics",
"metric": 10035,
"message": "You seem to love your gadgets & electronics, as they took up ₦10,035 this month. You must also have a thing for the renowned store. ",
"logo": ""
"month": "Feb",
"year": "2020"

Authentication Failure Response (400 Bad Request)

"success": false,
"error": "API key missing"
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